Hydrogen Group
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Laboratories, equipment and facilities belonging to the Hydrogen Group can be found within the University Campus and are supervised by the Director of Industrial Safety. The research is performed at:

Hydrogen Production Laboratory:

Fitted with an alkaline electrolyser of 5kW (Hydrogenics) encompassing its commercial supply unit and an additional one, user-programmable, as well as the ancillary systems. The Lab also counts with a Hydrogen Leaks Controlled Unit.

Hydrogen Production Laboratory.

Computer Center:

Supplied with computer aided engineering (CAE) programs. ANSYS is the tool most used in computer simulations, namely, the Computational Fluid Dynamic Package, ANSYS-CFX.

Computer Center

"Carlos Sopena" Thermal Engines Laboratory

Fitted with an engine test cell for alternative combustion motors; ignition and injection simulators equipment for measurement and registration of engine characteristic quantities; Hydrogen Supply Systems and Safety System. Engine control is accomplished with the help of a programmable electronically controlled unit. Aditionally, an 1.4 gasoline engine of 59kW of a Volkswagen Polo car, furnished by Volkswagen Navarra, is available for research on its Hydrogen supply.

"Carlos Sopena" Thermal Engines Laboratory