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The Hydrogen Group was founded in 2001 from a set of professors and alumni of the Industrial and Telecommunications Superior Engineering School of the Public University of Navarre. Its director is Dr. Pedro Diéguez Elizondo and its members, all engineers, are: Mr. Luis Gandía Pascual, Mr. José Carlos Urroz Unzueta, Mr. David Sainz Casas, Ms. Susana Berdonces Evora, Mr. Carlos Fernández de las Heras Almiñana, Mr. Iñigo Idareta Erro, Ms. Marta Benito Amurrio, Ms. Amaya Pérez Ezkurdia and Ms. Sara Marcelino Sádaba. The late aerospace engineer Mr. Carlos Sopena Serna, deceased in a traffic accident in 2009, was also a member of the Group.

Our goal is to create a knowledge and technology reservoir and, at the same time, form an entrepreneurial base to tackle the future energy scene where hydrogen will become one of the main contenders.

Dr. Carlos Sopena Serna
Dr. Pedro Mª Diéguez Elizondo
Dr. Luis Gandía Pascual
Mr. Carlos Fdez. de las Heras Almiñana
Mr. David Sainz Casas
Mr. José Carlos Urroz Unzueta
Ms. Sara Marcelino Sádaba
Mr. Ínigo Idareta Erro
Ms. Susana Berdonces Évora