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Engineering Services offered by the Group are related with its research activity and can be contracted through the Office for Research Results Transfer of the Public University of Navarre.

Some of the technology leading companies have already contracted our services: Acciona Biocombustibles, Abengoa Hynergreen and Manuel Torres Industrial Designs. A Collaboration agreement is held with the National Hydrogen Center.

The engineering services concentrate in the following activity areas:

Hydrogen applications as fuel

  • Alternative internal combustión engines fed with hydrogen
  • Hydrogen applications in the automotive sector
  • Hydrogen combustión and mixtures
  • Combustion engines tests
  • Combustion engine control programming
  • Tests with new gas fuels

Dual fuel hydrogen- gasoline vehicle "Carlos".

Hydrogen engine at the test bench.

Safety and Explosive Environments (ATEX)

  • Hydrogen accident and leaks simulation with Computational Fluid Dynamic Programs (CFD)
  • Experimental detection of hydrogen in air
  • Decontamination devices assessment
  • Risk assessment of explosive environments
  • Hydrogen and other fuels safety storage and manipulation

Hydrogen leak simulation and development in an enclosed space.

Computer Aided Engineering

  • Thermal, chemical, structural, dynamic and fluid analysis via Finite Elements or Volumes Computer Programs

Pelton hydraulic turbine simulation.

Catalytic Microreactors

  • Analysis and design of catalytic wall microreactors by means of CFD
  • Hydrogen production and purification reactions: methane and alcohols reforming, water-gas shift, preferential oxidation of CO and methanation

Catalytic wall microreactor.

Hydrogen production

  • Hydrogen production via alkaline electrolysis
  • Hydrogen production by reforming methane in microreactors

Equipment for hydrogen production and storage.